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12                                Creating Art

You have created works of art yourself, either small or large. Would you agree that, before you start, you have some feeling inside yourself that prompts you to begin? (I don't refer to obligations; I mean works that you begin of your own accord.) Your early idea may be quite well formed or rather vague; either way, as the work goes on, don't you get  the feeling that it is coming on well, or perhaps conversely that it is not coming out the way you wanted? The point is that there are two things in the air --- the idea in your mind and the thing on the table or easel or wherever it is. Perhaps the work never comes right, it is frustrating and in the end you throw it away; but on better occasions, you gradually get the feeling "That's what I wanted; that expresses what I wanted to express."

        [It is an old idea: about A. D. 1270, we find, "In every artist's mind, there already exists the idea of what he will create by his art," (Saint Thomas Aquinas, in his "Summa Theologica") The same was probably proposed in Baghdad and in Greece well before that. Here is a neat version: "I dream of painting and then I paint my dream" (V. van Gogh)]

        The point is that your pleasure comes from the match. It is not that the work in itself is beautiful or ugly. You might have intended it to be beautiful and soothing or else ugly and disturbing; whichever way, you get satisfaction if the way it turns out matches what you wanted to express. There is a three-way conjunction: your concept, your product and the resulting pleasure.

  Twig 16, Creating a Poem, says much the same. Twig 13, about a person looking at or hearing what someone else already created, is a little different.

        You might think, "That's all pretty obvious!" The surprising thing is that if you read books about such matters, you find many two-way links mentioned but surprisingly few references to the three-way conjunction in the picture. If you wish, check out Previous Writers.



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