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6                                Remembering a Name

Suppose you meet someone and are told the person's name. Then three weeks later, while with a friend, you see the same person again. You may remember their name without trouble, or your may have completely forgotten it, or there is a third possibility that many people have experienced: you tell your friend, "There's ... shoot! I know that person's name, it's ... The name is on the tip of my tongue!"

        A common finish to the story is that at some time later the same day, the name bobs into your mind, "Warrington! --- yes, that's that name. I couldn't think of it at the time but that's it." If you can recall such an occasion,  do you remember your feelings? I write feelings in the plural because I think there are several, or a jumbled cluster: there is some relief and surely also some pleasure; the moment is not neutral, it is some kind of upbeat moment. Partly, you get pleasure from the relief, and soon after, the thought arrives, "Well, I'm glad I solved that!" --- but I want to suggest that a third part is this: just at the moment the name bobs up, you get pleasure because what one part of your mind came up with matched what was tucked in the back of another part.



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