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15                                    Taking a Photograph

A most interesting example of something we do for pleasure! It is a little like creating art, in that there is an artistic result we hope to achieve, and the finished photograph either captures the effect or fails to do so. Then there is a link to enjoying art  --- there is some overlap between the pleasures of looking at a photo and looking at an art-work. And there is a link to enjoying the view that prompted the photo in the first place.


16                                        Creating a Poem

"Last night these rough passages had astonished him and moved him to tears by certain unexpectedly successful lines." That is Yuri Zhivago working on some poems, as described by Boris Pasternak. Since Pasternak was himself a poet, I think it is safe to figure that he too had sometimes been moved to tears. But the tears are brought on by unexpectedly successful lines; they are tears of success or joy at the match between what the poet hoped to express and what he captured. I have not found any record of a painter weeping over his or her work, but in most ways, I think the feelings of joy at success must be rather similar for poets and painters; see Twig 12, creating art.


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