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7                                     Reading Words

A practiced reader uses the "whole-word" method. The eye picks up a few clues from the page but the reader's mind comes up with likely complete words (or even whole phrases), finds a good match with the clues and leaps along; reading is a dense rapid stream of micro-matchings. It is also, for most people, a relaxing pleasure; given a moment's leisure, a person actively seeks "something to read." I speculate that part of the pleasure comes from the micro-matchings --- obviously not all, but at least some.


8                                    Feeling "At Home"

A vacation is a treat and home can be boring, but there is an element of comfort in familiar surroundings. When I look around, e. g. at the curtains, I see what I expected to see, what I remember having seen before --- no unpleasant surprises, things are as they should be. As pleasures go, this is small, but yet real. Compare Note 11 about eating, and Note 29 about monotonous ornaments.



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