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29                                    Orderly Rows

In architecture, there is often a row of ornaments along the top of a facade below the cornice, or along a stretch of cast-iron fencework; other examples are on the hem or the belt of a dress; a necklace may be made from a set of similar pieces; and perhaps most memorably, there are the chorus lines made famous by Florenz Ziegfield. The last are a powerful example for present purposes because of the emphasis on regularity. A ragged chorus line is not a treat for anyone --- Ziegfield's surprising success was the number of dancers he was able to assemble, all seeming to be exactly the same size and shape.

        The regularity of these rows is like the regular beat of a runner's feet. And the beat of some simple songs and poems is almost as regular. Someone captured the similarity by saying "Architecture is frozen music."



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