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34                                    Spoons and Forks

The point here is much the same as with socks, except that whereas socks come in pairs, spoons come in larger groups. Of course one can toss all the spoons and forks into the drawer in a jumble, but many people like to put spoons with spoons and, separately, forks with forks. Partly, that is to save trouble later, but partly I think it gives satisfaction at the time.

        I proposed on another page that we all get our pleasure by the same process in the brain, but in some people it is provoked by one source and in some people by another. Are tidy housekeepers also keen on jigsaw puzzles? Are people sensitive to music also meticulous with handcrafts? The answer to the second seems to be No but I am not so sure about the first. Perhaps it is a matter of several effects being mixed together; mostly, when I take an action, it is because of a group of influences combining and interfering with one another. Some housekeepers feel too busy to do jigsaws, but there is some overlap, isn't there? --- some similarity in the feelings that drive the two occupations.



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