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26                                        Unison

Fortunately, there are many activities that one can enjoy on one's own, like singing, calisthenics or rowing a boat. But each of these can also be done in company with other people, in fact keeping in time with other people --- (unison in a broad sense) --- and is it then more enjoyable? At least sometimes or in some ways, I think Yes. Of course solitude gives freedom and independence, but unison gives something too; there is something agreeable about the fact that the others are doing what you are doing --- your actions and theirs match.


27                                  Dancing and Marching

There are two separate aspects, being synchronous with other people and keeping in rhythm. In singing (previous paragraph), one can enjoy synchrony even in a piece without rhythm, and on one's own one can enjoy rhythm without other people. But when rowing, dancing or marching in company, one keeps in rhythm and in synch --- and there is certainly a tendency, when the session is over, for people to smile, pat each others' backs, and say, "Hey, that was good, wasn't it?" Even soldiers coming off parade, though they may not be so demonstrative, feel the difference between a ragged performance and a day when things have gone well.

        (I refer here to rhythmic community-dancing. Dancing as an art of self-expression is treated along with painting, sculpting etc. on Twig 12.)



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