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32                                    Window Bars

Innocent citizens, as well as criminals, spend time gazing out through windows with bars. If there are trees outside and it is winter (no leaves), many branches can be seen passing behind the bars at various angles. If I look out, then by moving my head I can bring a window bar in front of some branch. Perhaps there is a branch or stem going straight up, and then I can bring a vertical window bar to lie exactly parallel with that stem; or perhaps two branches fork, and I can bring a window bar so that it exactly bisects the fork. Do other people play this game? I find myself often playing it, and why so? Because I enjoy the good fits I make.

        In many of the examples in these pages, a cluster of feelings or processes are all in action at once, and pleasure-from-matching can be obscured by the others. Thus, if we wonder why the effect has not received more attention, the fact that it is often obscured may be part of the reason. The value of this window-bar example is that it is particularly simple. I play the trick at a moment when I have no particular hopes, anxieties or intentions --- it is just a simple little trick that I play for no reason but fun.



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